Stimulating the Core: My new routine at the Gym

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Stimulating the Core: My new routine at the gym

Well I am here trying to come up with something to write about in this blog post. And so here it is. Today was a particularly lazy day, although I did get up at 6am and go to the gym at 7am. I am pretty sore. I did not do much today and I could not sit at home that long before I was back out and about in the little cities where I am from/live. I did not even really look at my real estate online course until tonight. So, I did small weights on the weight machines; walked with a small incline on the treadmill; and, I also did only 20 ab/leg lifts. Nothing was that stimulating. The small exercises did, however, move my interest and did awaken a sort of interest. For me, just the gym in and of itself glimpses my interest.

Here is what I am going to try to do while partaking in the next gym visits. Hopefully I will build a routine around school and the gym in order to get myself motivated and healthy. If you do not know, I gained about 70-80lbs in the last few years, and I also gained about 40lbs in the last year. I like to pretend that I am not sure if it is just muscle or if it is fat and muscle, because I know well that I do have a lot of fat now. I used to be a steady 160-170lbs, and now I am just under 241lbs. Big guy now lol. One tricky part to my gaining weight was that I did not work out much [aside from delivering packages for Amazon] while gaining that weight. Soooo, I am going to try to work on my core more and also lift weights and use the treadmill – hopefully.

First, I am going to try the Dead Bug Core Exercise

The dead bug is an exercise that little by little works the core. To do this, I will lay on my back with my feet and legs slightly off the ground, but in a 90-degree angle. My arms reach forward. The next step is to get one leg lowered and off the floor and then stretch my arm passed my head, doing so with the opposite leg in a 90-degree position and other arm forward. I do reps like that and alternating between arms and legs, all while keeping my back on the floor. So, I stretch the left arm up passed my head and stretch the left leg slightly off the ground and in a straight position. I alternate arms and legs.

Second, I am going to try to do a regular Plank.

Nick Harris-Fry, who wrote “The Best Core Exercises for all Gym-Goers,” stated that the beginner level for a plank is to do it for 30 seconds, where as 5 minutes equals a plank master. I will do my best to start with 30 seconds or a minute, or just find out how long I can do the plank to start off.

To do a plank, you have to get on your toes and your elbows which means putting the weight on your elbows and arms and your toes but working the core. This means that your body is somewhat parallel to the ground.

Third, I am going to try to do the Boat exercise

To do the boat exercise, I need to sit on the floor with my knees bent. I then lean back a little bit and lift my legs off of the floor and straighten them to about a 45-degree angle. I put my hands up to my ears while doing this and it works on my core and also my abs.


I think that if I keep at it and go to the gym just about every week, then I will set aside 3 days a week to my core. Maybe, I can go to the gym for 4 days and then just do core every other day which gives my workouts a break and my core a break every other day. I will try to do one Plank, 2 sets of Dead Bugs which means at least 10 repetitions, and then 3 Boats [I will aim to do 30 seconds each and hopefully build up from there]. Hopefully these exercises will be stimulating for my core and for my abs.

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