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Pummel: Strike repeatedly, typically with the fists

Pummel: Criticize adversely

Why pummel? I could write about how some roommate pummels me in a way that it seems like he does not want me to do well. He takes the adversity in my life and always makes a statement that detracts from my wellbeing. Or, I could write that I was pummeled by some people because I was having a conversation with a girl, or maybe it was because I woke up in my cousin’s bedroom and years later remembered that I ended up with some girl in her room at a party while I was out of it. I think I was roofied, but ghost memories come up. I was a lot younger at that time. I probably had issues. If pummel means to strike repeatedly with fists, then I really should state that there are times, once in a blue moon, that I want to pummel a punching bag, but that is barely ever. I went to the gym at 7am this morning, and did about 30 minutes on the treadmill. That was enough for me. I just think that my image in my community is just somewhat bad even though I am a fun and intelligent person. I can say that because one of the neighbors [not sure if he moved or not] called the sheriff on me because I ran to get one of my mother’s dogs that went onto a separate neighbor’s property. He had a stone face when he talked to me and he yelled and was very scary – one that if there were to be any confrontation then my brain would have been destroyed by waking up in a coma or something. Luckily the coma and brain part are just my imagination – I hope. And don’t you think that people should have the sheriff’s number by cell phone [not the office number] just in case the sheriff needed to talk to you. It might be better if you could receive a text in case the sheriff had a warrant out for you. Me, talking about warrants for your arrest? Who would of thunk it? You reading…my image, my image, my image. It is good because I am fun and intelligent, but when the old man neighbor calls the sheriff because your mother and brother yelled to get the dog that ran on the other neighbor’s property, I really have to worry about my image. They say that the Monterey, CA is for the “newlywed or the nearly dead.” I hope that I am not nearly dead. I just quit smoking yesterday. I imagine that a prosecutor might pummel you if you are ever in a trial. I imagine that the defense might do the same – if you have some insanity defense. But let us try to write about something else. Enough of the “newlywed or nearly dead” scare, or the pummel of the roommate, or even the pummel of my body at a party. That last part was probably my fault anyway ☹. I really think that practicing non-violence is the best way to do things. What, anyway, really warrants violence? I want to pummel the neighborhood and community sometimes because I really think that saying that things have to change for the better is sometimes needed – at least on my own personal level. I live in a great community – Carmel and Carmel Valley, CA are great places to be. I just want to pummel all of that at times, however, because I could use friends to drink with and to eat food with.


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