The Year in Review

Reflection: 2018

The Year in Review

Hi there. This is my reflection for the year of 2018. I cannot really recall any significant moments in the year, but maybe as I go along, I will recall a lot more. I have not gained any significant skills that I can recall. Right now, however, I am going through a Real Estate Course. I failed the final exam on the first try, and I have taken the past two days off. I plan to retry the exam in a couple of days but after I finish taking more notes on the chapters that I read. I know that I am capable of drinking with friends, and I plan to/hope to make some new friends that can be drinking buddies and foodies. I also finished a course named Business Communications and Ethics at CSUMB. At least I think that I finished it this year, if I am remembering correctly. My awareness has gone from one where I was not really a part of the community. I hope to really build connections in the community in the upcoming year. I live in Monterey County [Carmel Valley to be exact], and I learned that the motto here is that “Monterey is for the newlywed or the nearly dead.” I sure hope that I am far away from actually dying a permanent death, and I know that I am not a newlywed at the moment. Ha-ha. Over this past year, I have learned a lot about other people. A lot of people like to give the stone face in most of their dealings with strangers, to include a stone face toward myself.

I do not have a list of achievements at the moment since I do not remember any real significant stride in achieving anything nor do I remember any significant events aside from “hanging out” a lot with family. One achievement was finishing the Business Communications course at CSUMB. Finally, another achievement that I can put down here is that I decided to pursue a license in Real Estate by taking the required courses one at a time. As I stated, I still have to pass the first course’s final exam in a few days hopefully. Today is 12/2/2018. It is a Sunday. One other achievement, so to say, is that I am going to go back to University. I will be attending University through an online degree program in Business Administration at Arizona State University. I hope to get a degree by 2020? I might as well write that I achieved a number of badges and compliments through driving people with Uber, but I made most of the compliments and badges back in 2017 – the first year that I drove for Uber. I might say that a win for me this year is being more acclimated with some family members. I reached out to my brother and I have occasionally gotten some dinner or lunch with him, or with him and his fiancé. It was nice to reach out and socialize a bit. His fiancé is super sweet, and I wish I got to spend more time with her and my brother in order to really introduce myself to her. Maybe I will spend more time with her and my brother before their wedding. I also have been reaching out to my sister and her husband more although my sister is always so busy. In addition, she has two children with her husband.

If I had to say or write that I might do something differently in the past then I might say that I would try to pass that final exam for the online Real Estate Principles course the first time. Easier said than done, right? I know that it seems that I am not taking any responsibility here, but I could say that I really have tried to reach out to people this year, but I am not getting the likes that I really desire. I want to be well-liked…who does not want to be liked. But it seems that Monterey, CA is for the “newlywed or the nearly dead” and I believe that I am far from dead, * fingers crossed, * ha-ha.

I might say that the most significant event of this past year was the day after Thanksgiving, which was also my brother-in-law’s birthday. Thanksgiving was okay; however, I was a little bit out of sorts at my Uncle’s because I was tired and did not get much sleep the night before. The birthday was nice, and I got to experience eggnog and rum for the first time which was an absolutely delicious beverage.

If I had to state that I did something right this year then I might say that going back to University at Arizona State University to get a degree online is the best thing that I decided to do. The fun things that I did were hanging out with family. Tomorrow I am going to try to gain enough will power to stop smoking cigarettes once and for all.

If I had to describe my year in three words:

  • One large step

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