Radioactive — Word of the Day Challenge

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via Radioactive — Word of the Day Challenge


Radioactive: emitting or relating to the emission of ionizing radiation or particles


Thinking about the word radioactive brings me to that song by Imagine Dragons. It is a pretty good choice of music. The word also has me thinking about a video game.


I really might only be an average writer, if that. I tend to use the word I a lot. However, I like to put my thoughts on paper or post them to the internet especially via my blog, Jakubowskidotblog. I really did not know what to write about, but I did another search about radioactive and came up with the idea of writing about cigarettes which might also be radioactive because of the tobacco itself. If only I can quit the dangerous habit now.


The Center for Disease Control [CDC] explained that cigarettes kill more people each year than car accidents, suicide, and alcohol, among others, but combined. The CDC also explained that cigarette smoke contains two separate radioactive substances. The EPA states that cigarettes are the cause of the death of more than 400,000 people each year. On top of all of that, I am just finding out that tobacco farmers use fertilizers which contain radium. The radium breaks down into two separate radioactive substances that leach onto the tobacco. Thus, smokers inhale radioactive substances that build up in the lungs – as well as inhalation of other toxic chemicals.


I have a serious problem here, because I smoke cigarettes, and at the moment, I do not have the will power to quit the smoking of cigarettes. [Maybe tomorrow] I would be really bummed out if I got cancer or disease from smoking cigarettes. I still have a bachelor’s degree to get, and hopefully a family to provide for one day. If at least one-person comments on this blog post, then I might have a chance to quit the dangerous habit once and for all of time. Haha, if you do not comment, then that is fine too.


I currently smoke about 20, more or less, cigarettes each day. Maybe some reassurance or support will be the necessary support that I need in order to end the habit of smoking cigarettes. I have smoked for a long time, beginning when I was a teenager, and slowly picking up the habit. Each year I was smoking more and more until I reached 20, more or less, cigarettes daily. The habit of running to the Shell station at the bottom of my mountain is leaving me with less time each day because I am spending 25 minutes at the store consisting of driving and buying cigarettes. I will spend, at the least, $3,650 each year on cigarettes alone, and I can tell that it is cutting into my pay statements from Uber driving. Tomorrow, I am going to start the nicotine patch. I have tried the nicotine patch before and failed. But at the moment, I am motivated and will hopefully gain better will power and then finally quit the destructive habit.

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