CHAGRIN — Word of the Day Challenge

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CHAGRIN — Word of the Day Challenge


Chagrin: distress or embarrassment at having failed or been humiliated

Chagrin: feel distressed or humiliated

I like to think that walking in the garden of Eden, I would not chagrin through having my eyes opened and knowing that I was naked. I think that the subtlety and exposition to harm by the snake had the people in Eden, particularly Adam and eve, finally realize what had just happened. I mean, one moment, eve and Adam do not know that they are naked, and then after eating the fruit, they come to the realization that they were actually naked which can mean that they were exposed to harm and vulnerable. I know it is just a story, but my mind is telling me, that to be the first created Man in the world, it must have been scary but also exciting. Just think of yourself as an experiment where a human is formed from the dust of earth like from or in a laboratory. It is difficult for me to really believe that Adam was made by dirt and rocks and stones even if the composition of a human is; my mind tells me that the experiment of creation was scary and caused much chagrin in regards to having an eye-opening experience of what just happened there {the creation of Adam – the creation of man}. The subterfuge of the snake led to the banishment of Adam.

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