Word of the Day

Doleful: Expressing sorrow; mournful

Doleful: causing grief or misfortune

I can remember both the passing of my grandparents on my mom’s side of the family. Both of them died in my mom and dads house during the holidays. First, it was my grandpa. He had to take some medicine and was wheelchair bound because he could not move that well as he was 90 some years old. He finally passed in the kitchen during a Christmas holiday party. Second, it was my grandma. She passed a little slower, and she was on hospice for the last month of her life. She passed in her bedroom close to the holidays.

I can be doleful which means that I can express my sorrow and be mournful, but I did not have the connection that my mother might have had toward her mother and father. It was a doleful event to have my grandparents pass. To reflect on the life of people in family after they have passed away causes some grief, but for me it just seemed like it was the natural part of life for them to pass away, and luckily near my mother, as they were in their 90s.

I am lucky to have experienced the “natural” passing away of my elders/grandparents in the house that I live. I receive the reassurance from my mother that in a lot of other countries people live with their mothers and fathers for a long time. I can be doleful in that I live on a mountain and away from civilization where I am not making the connections that I would like. I am noticing that the bigger cities have more of the young folks around mid-20s and late 30s. Those are my folks, but I am doleful because I do not have the credentials at the moment to move to SF or LA and find matches and make connections because I do not have a bachelor’s yet nor have I completed the first course of my real estate course. So basically, I am isolated. [I could use some feedback]. I might be doleful because I still have to complete a bunch of online courses in order to attain the bachelor’s degree that I am in pursuit of attaining. However, I am not really doleful but more optimistic that I will attain that degree and also get a real estate license. I have a few days until I can take the real estate principles course final, and I am also optimistic that I will pass.



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