The story on Maui

Well, I usually start off my blog posts like this. Today I drove several different people, and I had a lot of fun driving for Uber. I had some conversations and I was happy.

I got back from Maui Hawaii a week or so ago…maybe two weeks ago. I had a lot of fun. I had Mai Thais and 🍺 beers and got to do a lot of entertaining things with family. Gosh, ya know, I would like to live my life like I am in those days in Maui most of the time – the going out to dinner, having cocktails and cigars, and just being around people, in that case family, but hopefully friends now. I actually mixed my first Mai Thais and I had a few and I really enjoyed myself. The cigar was delicious tasting and I was very happy I got to spend time with family. Right now I am having a 🍺 beer all by my lonesome 😔…and it is Saturday! Oh well, because college starts mid to end August so I got to be somewhat focused. But things got interesting with family on Maui.

Can you believe that…?? I have not told you, but maybe I will get there soon. I went to bed early one night but the people that were partying got LOUD and things turned into family drama…somewhat entertaining but really like whaaat. It does not matter because I am sure that whoever is reading this really is just a stranger to me so I will not get into detail, but one person says please leave and then confrontations turned into get the f out. But let me write about other fun things now instead.

I went snorkeling with my dad, with my second cousin, and with family. I saw a sea turtle swimming near me…btw, my second cousin spotted the sea 🐢 turtle. Oh, and a giant tortoise sea turtle would swim up to shore and crawl back to ocean and swim. I had pics of a bunch of the stuff on FB such as me my mom and my nephew on the beach and photos of my cousins and family smokin cigars and having drinks…great fun btw, but I just got a new phone and none of my photos were added to Gmail backup. Some of the photos are on FB though. But my family and I celebrated early my aunt’s birthday at Roy’s and let me tell you, the food was de-lish. The cocktails were great on other nights, the 🍺 beer was tasty and I really enjoyed Maui. I have to decide whether I am going to go to Oahu soon, probably not though.

Soooo, that is the story. I will just title this post, The story on Maui. Peace out

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