You dont want to meet God – or do you?

Trust me. I have searched all the way around the world to find GOD. I prayed to Allah, left the catholic church, and sometimes try to just only listen to a rabbi. I never really got into any other religions, however, although I never met GOD, His voice is pure power. You do not want to meet GOD – it could be death or so it seemed. I on the other hand would like to wrestle GOD jk but its impossible to wrestle GOD. Balam said that GOD is not man to be capricious. GOD is awesome and great, but His voice is power. GOD knows everything about me, or at least his ears can hear things about me. Can I ever hear GOD again? I hope not, but if I do, it will hopefully be a blessing and not a curse. GOD is surely amazing but the force that accompanies is one to be reckoned or maybe just not to be sought. GOD is great but maybe GOD comes into peoples lives at strange times which makes GOD a lot more intimidating. Can I hear GOD again? Maybe, maybe never again, but GOD has a voice of power. GOD is mighty.

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