Daily Dictionary Word – Schlimazel, the Story of an unlucky man from the Bible


A consistently unlucky or accident-prone person.

Well, right now I would like to write about Jacob or Ya’akov from the Bible. He was a schlimazel because he was so unlucky and accident prone. He was a descendant of Abraham from the Bible. I say that he was a schlimazel because he wrestled with an angel that made a bargain to attain Canaan – in other words, the angel gave him the land of Canaan. Canaan meanwhile was ridden with giants, n’filim, Rephaim, etc. Then his brother Esav was on his way toward Jacob but Esav luckily was nice to Jacob. Plus, Jacob dreamt that G-d was in the land. Finally, Jacobs son was taken captive in Egypt and then of course the history of the Israelites where the Israelites were in slavery in Egypt for like 200 years. If anyone was a schlimazel then it was Jacob in the Bible.

Jacob was consistently unlucky up until later times.

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