The Spirit at Walgreens


Cease to be visible

To get started, I am going to write about something that ceased to be visible. I also find it frightening that coded political language uses the term disappear to describe someone or something that has been killed. The other day, maybe a week or two ago, I got a shot of some psychiatric medication. The initial side effect is can usually be described as akathisia which is agitation and restlessness. Well the agitation was really bad when I got the shot and it lasted maybe a day or so. The psychiatrist that I talk to says she can prescribe more medication to curb the akathisia – great, more medication.

Anyway, I had bad agitation and restlessness. I usually drive people with Uber to make money, but this time I went to the Walgreens to pick up a prescription. I was agitated and had a lot of foreign thoughts in which I knew that I was capable of a lot. I stuck my hands behind my back to ease the agitation and I grabbed my right wrist that was resting on my back hip. The medication was working a lot in my brain probably while my brain was trying to release extra amounts of dopamine or release whatever the medication was trying to block. It was not like I was going to hurt anyone, Oh no, but I had to try to remain as chill as possible.

At the Walgreens pharmacy, the staff was under a lot of pressure from customers who needed their prescriptions filled. One staff member kept calling IC3 to the pharmacy which is the call that Walgreens makes in order to get more staff to the pharmacy. Another staff member, I overheard, was on a break. The pharmacist was an Asian man that was being called to give consultations and seemed a bit nervous about me. He consulted at the drive through window and gave a little whelp that said woah as if a spirit or ghost walked up to him and chilled his body.

Finally, I got called to the front of the pharmacy to fill my prescription. It was as if the mental challenge of the initial psychiatric shot that I had that day disappeared and I just let the pharmacist technician what medication I needed. She told me that it would be filled by 6:30pm so I drove to Safeway and waited. I called my dad and he said that I could pick up the prescription the next day, so I drove home. Everything was chill and cool. The initial mental challenge of side effects from the shot wore off and I had dinner and it was a regular night and then I posted a video of a rogue balloon just floating in a walgreens.

via Daily Prompt: Disappear

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