To the Heights of the Heavens

To the Heights of the Heavens

Striving for great heights

Well, I had a deep yearning to reach the heights of heaven and do what I want. Of course there are always limitations so I cannot just do what I want. YouTube had some videos for why the earth is actually flat and not like a globe. Then, YouTube also had some people explaining different trees in some esoteric meaning that the trees were symbolic of Biblical references. There was also the note that the Tree of Life was in the center of the earth and that trees have so much awesomeness. I never finished what I was watching on YouTube because I did not want to analyze the YouTube videos and the discussion at the moment last night.

I had the deep yearning to reach the heights of heaven and find all that is hidden throughout. Of course, I can only stay within California and I do not have the means to find out every hidden detail throughout. I posted a questionnaire on Twitter last night asking people what tree they would compare with or relate with the most but I deleted the tweet because it probably would have gotten 0 responses and it would not allow me to post my response. I do not know every tree in the earth so it is really disappointing not knowing what tree might be significant or not. If there were a stout tree then I would say I most relate to that one because it is sturdy and has strong roots established in the ground but still striving to reach the heavens as it stands and grows toward heaven. I want to say I relate to a redwood because a redwood is the tallest tree right now that’s height reaches into heaven. And I live in California and redwoods grow in California.

It amazes me how most living things strive to reach the heights of heaven. Water is rushing in the creek near where I am staying at the moment. I realize that water even has the process of trying to reach the heavens when it evaporates but then it gets recycled and rains down back to the earth. Trees grow and always reach toward the heavens. I guess animals are kind of like people in the way that people have a mind and do what people do as animals do what animals do. Rockets carrying people even strive to reach the heavens and get far enough as the Moon [hoax] or send robots to Mars. I am trying to think of more creatures or living things that try to reach the heavens. It seems strange because it does not seem as though creatures of the deep really strive to reach the heavens – except for creatures like a dolphin that always comes to the surface of the water or a whale that surfaces. Birds can only get so high toward the heavens.

It seems that I had the yearning to reach the heights of the heavens and to find all that is hidden and that other living beings strive for this as well.

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