Not So Skewed after all

via Daily Prompt: Skewed


Heading 1

How can I write about the word skewed? What am I supposed to write? As I sit here at my laptop in the cabin that I am staying at, I do not think that I have the intellectual capacity to write anything about the word skewed. One of the definitions for skewed based on a search on Google is: 1. Make biased or distorted in a way that is regarded as inaccurate, unfair, or misleading. The only thing that comes to mind is that I would think that a criminal defense attorney would want to make sure that the prosecution distorted the case in a way that made it unfair, misleading, and inaccurate so that the defense could win in court. Another definition for skewed is: 2. Suddenly change direction or position. The definition from Google states that “The car had skewed across the track.” The definition for skewed based on the distortion or bias definition states “the curriculum is skewed toward the practical subjects.” That makes sense to me and it is reassuring that my comment and thought that a criminal defense would want the prosecutor to have skewed the trial in order to create a better defense since it would be unfair, misleading, and inaccurate on the prosecution side. But I do not even know how a curriculum could be skewed toward practical subjects. I think that would mean that the curriculum is distorted in a way that has more of the practical subjects to study rather than classes in a curriculum that do not get a student to achieve success. Sometimes, however, when I think of the second definition of skewed I think of a car “burning rubber” as it skewed across the pavement. Occasionally, I hear a car that the driver has sped up too fast in which the car turns its wheels and screeches on the pavement, hence, burning rubber. If I am to write something on skewed as in the first definition, then I will really have to find out what is skewed at the present moment. The other thing that comes to mind when I think of something being skewed is a graph in statistics. I did a search on Google about skewed and found an article from NYU about a skewed distribution of wealth graph. I did not really want to read an economics and statistics paper from NYU at the moment so I am going to write instead on what could be skewed in my life.

I created an account on Twitter. I have four followers and only one of them I know. I was going to say that it is skewed for me to have only four followers, but the truth is that I do not have that many connections that I know personally besides the people that I went to three different high schools with. It sure is more of a challenge to find close friends now that I am not in elementary school. I used to think that I was popular. So, I would say that it is not distorted or misleading that I only have four followers of which 75% of them are strangers. I would like followers – and maybe I would like to follow others. It would be skewed to say that, oh, having only a few followers on Twitter at the moment is misleading, inaccurate, and unfair since it does not accurately represent Nicholas Jakubowski’s connections and friendships.

The other thing that would might have been skewed is when I wanted people on Twitter to answer a question about what type of tree they could compare with or most represented them based off of only four criteria. The four choices were a Redwood, a Yew, a Cedar, and a Fig tree. So it would not have been skewed to have 0 responses since I do not have many followers and people probably would not understand the creativity of the question.

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