Aliens and fear near the Forest

via Daily Prompt: Forest


a large area covered chiefly with trees and undergrowth

Well I do not know where to begin writing about a forest, or to forest land, or anything about a forest. Today, I am at my family cabin with my mother, my brother, and my uncle. I will be there until Tuesday or Wednesday then its back to Carmel Valley, CA 93924. The cabin is surrounded by acres and acres of forest. I do not want to write about me creating a forest by planting trees or shrubs or anything because I am not creating or foresting at the moment. Another idea that came to mind was de-forest where someone in my family wants to cut down some pine and cedar trees on the cabin property near the creek in order to get a better view of the creek that is nearby. I am indifferent to the idea of de-foresting some of the trees near the creek. I would like the trees that are growing there to be able to grow big and healthy, but at the same time I think that it would be cool to also have a lot more open area to view the creek.

Anyway, I am near the outskirts of a large forest that surrounds the cabin that I am staying in at the moment. I will have to upload a photo of the forest or something is my next thought. But, it is pretty interesting because there is so much acres of land around the cabin that I can go on the trails and walk through the forest and take family and go for walks and even hike up the hill to the boulder that family has climbed before. But for these days at the cabin, most of what we are doing is work on the cabin.

I sometimes get the thought that oh my there could be wild critters and bears and wolves or coyotes around the forest so it is probably best not to venture too far. I just cannot get out of my head the cat noise that comes from adjacent places in the forest.

 On occasion, I hear from my dad the story of when he went to camp in Canada and ventured passed his group of campers and came in contact with a black bear. Luckily, he says, the bear just strolled right by him. The funny thing about it is that when he got back to camp half shaken, he said his group of campers were yelling with joy that they encountered a bear too. Haha, how cool.

But I do not really want to encounter a bear if I was ever going for a walk in the forest. There are a few fire trails to go on and of course I can wander all through the forest on the cabin property. I prefer to go walk to the creek or go up to the boulder the family calls Hermandos. However, there are so many different encounters that could happen out there in the forest. I sometimes think of demons for some reason not that demons are even real or anything.

I used to be obsessed with all things esoteric and basically all the stuff that is not based in reality but gets a few followers, such as aliens and stuff. I was once scrolling through a photo of a group of hikers that photoshopped a demon/alien being out in the forest. Of course it is not real, and I am glad that I have come to the understanding that aliens from outer space people are never going to encounter and demons most likely are not real. However, last night I started having the image that there could be a demon out in the forest and I had the thought that Oh my gosh, a demon which is not real is going to be terrorizing the forest. LOL, Of course those things are not real, but you would be surprised with my imagination and what I think you see in the night in the forest.

To change the scene a bit, I do not believe in Aliens other than an alien that is a foreign person from another country or another nation. It just is not real to say that there are aliens from another world or to say that there are extraterrestrials. Again, I do not believe that there is anything other than what is right in front of me or around me – everything that is visible and tangible to include people, places, and things. There might be extraterrestrials in the sense that there is more land besides what our map shows the average person, but I do not believe in an alien that is from outer space. I mean think about it – if the earth is round then all of history is true in the sense that we can only really stay within our means and will never be able to venture past the Moon [hoax?] or send a robot camera to Mars. And, those are dead planets in the sense that they do not really have much or any life on them.

But, if the earth was flat then we might have more land beyond what our map shows – or, we are just on this earth and the ice caps are our borders that we will never venture passed. But, there could be more than just what the maps show us. I sincerely believe that there could be more territories or lands that have been unexplored on this very earth. The arctic circle has not been explored much. Also, Antarctica has not been explored that much as far as I know. But, why is it that no billionaire out there sets up an expedition to explore what has not been explored on this very earth. Instead, there is the constant obsession with finding an alien from outer space. I guess, prove to me that there is an actual intelligent alien from outer space, and then I will believe it.

But the fear is real. Last night we went out of the forest and had Mexican food. A baseball team was there on the other side of the restaurant and there were groups and families having a meal. The fear hit me and the hair stood straight up on my body. So I searched for quotes on fear and posted a quote by George Addair on Twitter. The quote goes “everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” I liked the quote.





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