Tide – A powerful surge of feeling or trend of events

via Daily Prompt: Tide


A powerful surge of feeling or trend of events

There really is nothing to write about when it comes to a powerful surge of feeling or trend of events except this stuff. I think of the good feeling song that goes, ohhh sometimes I get a good feeling. The other tide that is going on is the Kanye West business where some people are like boycotting Kanye West music at the moment. Supposedly Kanye West said that slavery of the mind is optional or something like that and people just refuse to listen to him now and really actually got upset with his comment.

I guess the trend of events or tide that has been going on is the firing and resignation of people that work for the President. All of a sudden there has been so many different people that work of President Trump that have resigned or been fired lately.

Although, I can speak on a powerful surge of feeling. I had a powerful surge of sadness yesterday when I was out in Monterey, CA. I live with family in Carmel Valley, CA 93924, but my family left with their friends for the day and went to restaurants and stuff. I had the surge of sadness for a bit while my family members were out with friends and I was stuck all by myself. Sadness was the tide or strong feeling. There was no jealousy, but it was strange to feel so sad about being all alone. Maybe a whole bunch of stuff activated the sadness as well. I have not been getting any requests from Lyft passengers [maybe like one or two in the last week, but that is it]. Additionally, I only got a B+ on the presentation that I did for the business class that I am taking. I was disappointed more than anything. I deserved an A+ or at the least an A. There was something else but I cannot think of it at the moment.

So it is probably weird to be writing about how I was feeling yesterday for the brief surge of sadness, but the alternative is to just sit here idly while watching “The Crossing” on Hulu. I’d rather write this than sit in idle. The Crossing is a good show. It is about a bunch of folks who time traveled back in time trying to escape the Apex aliens and a sheriff who has to protect all the folks who time traveled.

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