Observe – All the bureaucratic jumbo happens in the cloud

via Daily Prompt: Observe


Notice or perceive (something) and register it as being significant

I observe the daily commotion in the city of Monterey while I am out and about and in the city of Monterey, CA. Usually, the day begins with a thick layer of cloud or fog. As the day goes on, the heavens open up and the sun usually peaks around noon or later. Today, the sun was finally up at around 2:00 pm. I observe that most people are in their homes or commuting to work or beginning their day somehow when the thick layer of cloud is there. They are beginning their day by usually staying out of sight. Usually, people do not come out when there is the overcast sky. It just so happened that today, people started entering the city of Monterey when the sky opened up. There are the occasional people that walk around in the thick layer of cloud, but mostly the scene changes when school gets out. Even the police stay out of sight when there is the thick layer of cloud [likely due to having to balance their activities and stuff]

I decided to head on back home in order to write in the blog today once the heavens opened up and the sun came out. I made those observations today, or rather, I decided to write about the observation right now. I opened up Twitter and found that today is NationalPrayerDay; a football player was in the Twitter feed; and that someone liked and followed my blog. I was happy that someone actually followed my wordpress blog. I told them cool and thank you on Twitter. Today, I had the Lyft app on, but the only request was canceled because the rider did not show. Oh, and there were some folks singing Glory, Glory Hallelujah out by the museum in downtown earlier today.

So I perceive the thick layer of cloud in the morning and register it as being significant. All the bureaucratic mumbojumbo happens in the cloud 

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