Serpent and Man – Equality

The Serpent and Man



For the majority of people, getting along is not always so easy. For me too but I have my own set of problems and deal my fair share of. But my creativity sparks some truth that I believe is the root cause of disparity and hatred in the world. As I read Genesis, there comes a part of the story where it is the serpent, Adam, and Eve. The story has Eve blaming the serpent, Adam blaming his wife, and the serpent getting most of the blame for eating something that was forbidden by God. The curse to the serpent is that the serpents offspring would have enmity with the offspring of the woman. So I ask, how can everything be equal if these curses were laid out? In the curse, it was said that the woman’s offspring would strike at the serpents head while the serpents offspring would strike at their heel. If you are a God fearing person, and you really follow the Bible and go to church or whatever, then you must acknowledge that equality is nothing more than a sham in this life. You see it in the Doctors office or in the city or wherever…when you see that a person is overmedicated on psych meds – that is not equality. Or God forbid a person is dying of cancer – that is not equality.

So how can people get along? I have had my fair share of exploration in which I have put myself in a bad part of the world and just hoped for the best. My theory is that people cannot always get along and that God puts enmity between different sides. The prime example is Israel and Palestinians hatred for one another – its my land or its my land. The best thing to do is to evolve to your surroundings and the people around you. For us, it is to assimilate fully and understand fully. So when is there ever going to be peace? I think that we are almost to a point where we almost have peace.

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