Notable – Worthy of attention; remarkable

via Daily Prompt: Notable

Worthy of attention; remarkable

As I write about notable I notice that tere is a lot of wind outside of the house I live. It is not really notable wind, but there is definitely a little bit of wind. I worked today and made a notable $3.75 and maybe a tip. I picked up a girl who had a European name. The radio station was 102.5 KDON and it was the lunchbox quick mix. I drove the girl to her destination which was the mall. Besides that one request, I sat in the car for a while, and I also got to stroll downtown Monterey, CA. Nothing really notable today. The only notable piece is the homeless situation in Monterey, CA. The homeless are okay to kind of just hang out around downtown and at least I am fine with it. I think more than anything, certain homeless chose to be homeless, so its not like sending them away is going to do much help. More than likely, the homeless that frequent locations in Monterey, CA chose to live out there. Hey, some of them might not even be homeless and might even live around Monterey but just hang out there. I just cannot be stopped by any felons, so I am cautious when it comes to any homeless that try to talk to me. Most of the time, the homeless just mind there own business and I mind my own business too.
One time I was stopped by a woman who seemed homeless but she might actually own a house in Monterey, CA. She was nice, but I try to distance myself from her. She likes bees and she brought awareness of certain types of bees that are like pests to other types of bees, and moreover, that some types of bees cannot be allowed to lay their eggs. In my opinion, and in English, the woman probably just does not like prostitution from people in Monterey, CA. Interestingly enough, a massage parlor just got cited a month or so ago for solicitation of prostitution in Monterey, CA. I told the woman that I did not mind that Asian bees lay their eggs
So nothing really notable today. I came back home after sitting around Monterey in the car waiting for requests from Lyft passengers. I bought a pizza and will be eating it in about 8 minutes.

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