Cur – a dog or a man. not the people I met, but just telling you that a cur can be a dog or man. You might think of it as a dogman or a mandog, but really it is just a contemptible man or some sort of mongrel

via Daily Prompt: Cur



Cur – a dog or a man. I seem to be going forward. Everything is quite alright. As I write, I let the words just flow, and when I stop to think, I notice that there is nothing to really say, so I just begin writing again. It is April 26, 2018. Today I had the Lyft app on and I only made $3.75 and completed 1 request. The Uber app is not working at the moment. Walking, I went through Alvarado street in Monterey, CA a few times. There was parking all around downtown, even parking near a pub. Finally I got some poke. The poke place was packed with a line that could have been out the door. I took a selfie and posted it to twitter as I waited for requests to pick people up with Lyft. Only 1 request. The guy I picked up seemed alright. I drove him to Duffy’s Tavern on High Street. The place was closed but I think that the guy I dropped up was going to open the tavern up. Such a nice day. The fog lifted and now all of Monterey has sun shining. Now I am writing this back at the house. I forgot to mention that I walked with a stranger today and told him bye as we departed. The stranger’s wife lives in Italy and that got me thinking of the tweet I posted about exorcisms since the Vatican is right there in the middle of Italy. I wonder if his wife knew the lady who got her exorcism filmed in Vatican City. I asked the man if he worked and he said no. The day is a nice day today. I have got to finish and revise my paper and finish the annotated bibliography. I seem to procrastinate. I have to work on the presentation that I am going to give as well.

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