Thwart: Liberal or Conservative


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Growing up, I noticed that I always watched Fox News when I was around family. Great news program. But, isn’t Fox news strictly conservative? Not that I am going to change my loyalty to watching Fox News or anything, but I notice my values are changing – not due to anything other than what is right.

I can remember being fearful of CNN, thinking that it was all fake news and a bunch of high authoritarian agenda. No I am not watching CNN…I still watch Fox News. But finally, I might be getting to the point. As I had a small epiphany the other day on the spectrum of conservative as opposed to liberal, I was talking to a couple from Savannah, Georgia while I was driving them to a wedding in Carmel Valley, CA [by the way – Carmel Valley is one of the best places in North America]. We got to talking a bit and I asked them if Georgia was a conservative state. I got the response “If you mean protect our guns and don’t mess with other people, then yes Georgia is conservative.” I thought, no bias or agenda or deep-rooted thoughts, just simply okay I think I understand.

All of a sudden, I thwart from conservative to liberal just based off of that understanding. Maybe I did not even thwart to a liberal, but I definitely came to the understanding that values are different with whom I talk to. For instance, in California, you can get your marijuana delivered to your door and that state allows it. In Georgia, one of the car riders stated, no way is marijuana going to be legal. California seems a lot less interested in guns as opposed to Georgia, where more than likely a lot of people love their guns. So when I say I thwart from one side to the other, I basically, as I stated, came to an understanding of the different values of the conservative as opposed to the liberal.

Gay marriage for instance is a liberal value now adays. However, back when gay marriage was being legalized, I would have honestly said no way to it. Now adays I am pro gay marriage. Legal marijuana is another liberal value. Guns are what I would say are a conservative value. Pro-Life as opposed to pro-choice is conservative. Hopefully you won’t judge me on what values I am forming, but California is pretty awesome – Lol [make sense]

I am not going to thwart from conservative unknowingly to liberal all of a sudden. I hope to have a balance in there. I am sure a lot of people in California wouldn’t want to give up their guns either like they wouldn’t want to in Georgia. I just like the new understanding of the opposing sides.


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