via Daily Prompt: Faceless



Faceless is a dark daily prompt. As I read some of the comments on the blog post, I noticed that a lot of the faceless comments and blogs were ones that were also dark. I read one comment that seemed to be about darkness and terror. At least, that was the one which led me to believe that the faceless prompt was a dark prompt. The other comments that I read were about unknown entities that were dark and terrible.

As I am trying to gather my writing about faceless, what comes to mind are the rats and critters that house themselves in the backyard near the fence or near the pool. Consequently, rats have nested in the pool cover, the pool heater, and the pool restroom. Other critters have burrowed in the ground near the fence area as well. Occasionally, I hear scratching at the dirt which I am now aware that a groundhog or mole lives over in that dirt.

But moreover, these critters seem to be a faceless bunch, unless one of them is trapped in a rat trap. One night, as I was walking on the pathway by the side of the house I live, one of the faceless critters was moving around in the grass, and I knew that some faceless critter was there because the movement through the grass was getting closer and closer until I got chills and goosebumps because I was so frightened of what it might be. I yelled to the faceless critter, to the footsteps coming closer and closer, “Don’t do it!” as I later backed up and walked back into the house. I now think that it was just a mole or a mouse luckily, but on another night, I had a close encounter with a skunk. I turned the corner of the house on the pathway outside and a skunk was crawling around on the ledge – that also frightened me, and luckily, I did not get bit or sprayed.

But besides faceless critters and crawling things in the yard, the faceless presence that gets my greatest attention are the people in the jets that fly through everyday and every night. Monterey Regional Airport is about a 15 minute drive from where I live and there is a lot of jet commuters that fly into the airport throughout the day. Every once in a while, while I am outside, a jet goes by which sometimes makes this SUUUU noise. I like to think of that person flying the jet as a faceless G-d. Since in all likelihood I will never encounter the ultimate divine presence, I just like to imagine that whenever there is a jet that goes by, and that jet makes the SUUUU noise, it is a faceless G-d watching over me, a G-d that I will never know or experience except as in a jet that goes by every now and again.

Although, now that I think more on the word faceless, and I contemplate what more to write, I can say I did have a bizarre encounter. My roommate was there with me. I was outside of the house at night one night, and I heard this screeching scream that went like, “YRAH YRAH YRAH YRAH!” I thought that I was hallucinating, but I ran inside and said to my roommate, “There is some creature out there screaming.” So my roommate and I went out and the screeching scream kept going. It sounded bizarre and frightening. My roommate and I got in the car and drove up the street, closer to the noise and we found a bobcat or lobos out there staring off into the distance. I am still unsure what that screeching scream was, but it was most likely a faceless creature or critter screaming because of a lobos or bobcat. Strange.

Sooo, the faceless prompt has gotten me to think about critters, jets, and grotesque screeches in the night.

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