via Daily Prompt: Foreign


You were new to this. You had your own language, but when you spoke in English, you had a slight accent that was somewhat destructive and confrontational. You used to wander through town waiting for requests on the Uber app, that is until you were finished driving for the day. When people would talk to you, you would have a foreign accent, one that was destructive and confrontational at times. Where did that come from? It was a way to adapt to the environment, but you were unsure of why it seemed like the foreign accent was a slight part of you…like the foreign accent was from days of old, forgotten times long past and from another land probably east of the Atlantic or west of the Pacific, past Asia. It was your own way of evolving – evolution of the tongue and speech. As you would talk to others at the Japanese restaurant, you would say thank you with a Japanese speech, and outside the restaurant while driving, it was a slightly eastern European, foreign dialect.

Now its gone, and your evolution has reverted back to normal speech. Any ideas of foreign speech have gone away. But, even going to the store there was slight foreign designs at hand. Instead of using a US debit, you would use your visa debit card when buying things at Staples or at any grocery store. You evolved into a foreign being for a slight time, but you are pleased to be a US citizen

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