via Daily Prompt: Talisman


It was a rainy day here in Carmel Valley, CA. I was content with the rain pouring down outside. Grandpa came in and said his hello to me. Usually I would ride his tractor every time that I would visit his place in Flushing, MI. His house had a basement with a retro style bright blue carpet and amenities.

It was two coins. The front of the coin had a long faced man and a chubby faced man that would smile back at the coin holder. The two men were symbols of gamblers that had owned the gambling facility. The back of the coin had a Marilyn Monroe style woman with her dress being blown upwards from wind underneath as she would hold her dress down. The coins were a silver circle in the middle and gold would encircle the silver about a centimeter across.

Grandpa handed me the talisman – the two coins. As a remembrance of my Grandpa, I have kept the coins for over 15 years. I keep the coins with me and have a place for them on my bed stand. Occasionally, I take the coins and flip them up and around.

The talisman is a remembrance of my Grandpa who fought in WWII in a tank division. He worked in Flint, MI the majority of his adult life. He passed away over 10 years ago but I keep the talisman as his remembrance.

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