via Daily Prompt: Incubate


I was restless and wandered down the mountain. I drove to the Walgreens but the line was too long so I decided to turn back and drive back home. My roommate was there with two salads that he bought for me and for him. I chose the Dijon spinach salad, while he got the southwest santa fe salad. The temperature in the house was comfortable – a pleasant warmth constant throughout.

I brought out a pot and boiled some water. As the water started to heat, I said to Amazon Alexa,

“Alexa, what is the weather in Carmel Valley Village, CA tomorrow?”

I got a response from the computer that it was going to be a rainy day tomorrow and slightly cool. I was a tiny bit excited because it was going to rain.

I remembered that to make the egg right, I had to put the egg in the water when it was slightly simmering. I added some salt to the water and it started to simmer slightly as tiny bubbles that formed on the bottom of the pot started to rise. I cracked the egg on the edge of the pot and dropped the yolk and whites in the water. It took about four minutes to incubate and form into a poached egg.

I pulled the egg out of the pot, ate, and enjoyed. The egg was slightly runny.

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