Salmon Donburi – The Best in Town

What do I write about when I do not have much to write about? If you are like me, then you always want to put your thoughts down on paper, especially when you feel bad. You might write or give information on places like yelp or twitter. Or, you might want to write just for fun, and that means just having an imagination and going with it. If you are like me, you want to write a book, but you probably feel that your ideas and any information you are going to write on paper will immediately be shot down. It would be so awesome to write a book and then get paid to have your books be bought and sold in the marketplace.

I have no ideas for books, but I could probably come up with something. Better yet, I would like to write a movie script, but I have no idea how to start a movie script. Maybe my ideas for a book would just be worthless in the aspect that I have no material. If you are like me though, then you are sitting at your desktop or laptop and just writing about anything.

The other day [months ago], I wrote a blurb on yelp about a restaurant that I would constantly frequent for lunch when I drove for Uber. The restaurant is my favorite restaurant in Monterey, CA, but I wrote a dumb review and said that the waitresses seemed strange – seemed strange in the sense that I felt like they did not do their job up to the standard that I would have liked if I was their manager. It was a bad review, and now I regret that I wrote it. I actually deleted it months later, but now I wonder if that review gave the restaurant a bad name. I wrote that I loved the food, and that if you are ever going to go eat sushi or Japanese food in Monterey, CA, then that restaurant was the place to go. The salmon donburi is my favorite [a salmon and rice dish]. I still regret, however, that I wrote that review, but now I am relieved that I deleted it.


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